Chiara, office worker and kickass amateur actress, from Brescia, Italy

Chiara, office worker and kickass amateur actress, from Brescia, Italy

Well, aside from the obvious answer - you do, and you are worth it because you are you - the truth is this is not all about you.

This is about the people who love you. The people who will miss you when you are gone. The people who will love you when you are a grandmother. Your grandchildren and their children. The person who sleeps or will sleep next to you each night. And you. You, who will look back in thirty, forty, fifty years and think to yourself, "wow. I really was beautiful. And happy. Look at my eyes and that smile!". 

Once you have experienced this, you will understand the value for you, because you will be and see yourself transformed: the very best version of yourself. Or as one client said to me, "the Hollywood version of myself".

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about your portrait session

Relax. I've got you.

I know how it feels to believe you aren't "photogenic".

I know how it feels to hear that voice in your head that never lets you forget you're too fat, too old, not this, not that. That you're not enough. That you're not worth it.

At your portrait session, it's just you and me, in my private studio. I will do your hair and make-up, as I do for all my clients, including all the women you see in these pages. For the entire day, you will be in my care, and I will take care of you. I will take you through every step, every pose.

We will drink coffee (or tea), eat croissants and gossip as you undergo your external transformation. We will listen to music and laugh a lot.

What then follows is your internal transformation, as I show you how to relax in front of my very unobtrusive camera, and pull out the real beauty within you.


Because what is beauty, anyway?

Is it really just the way you look, on the outside? Because if you believe it is, I am here to show you that you too are beautiful. There is no secret, and no-one is "photogenic" without skilled lighting, make-up and posing, standard tricks of the trade used to turn ordinary girls and women into those miraculous creatures you see in magazines. What I do, in addition to this, is make you feel so beautiful that it glows through your eyes. Confidence in who you are, and who you want to be.

Why you?

Why are you worth this? This is a question many women struggle with. Why are you worth spending money on, and who wants a timeless fine art portrait of you anyway?


My grandmother in 1932. She died aged 88, in 1990.

My grandmother in 1932. She died aged 88, in 1990.