Retouching Training

Take your work to the next level



Private tuition

Let's focus on developing your unique style and vision editing your images. Book one hour or ten, from first-time beginner to advanced. Hourly rate starts at 250 euros.


SUBSCRIBE to my weekly "watch me edit" webinar sessions

Every Sunday at 7pm, GMT+1 time, I hold a 1 to 1.5 hour live retouching and editing session.

Subscribe monthly at 75 euros per month (18.75 euros per session) and cancel at any time.

All sessions are recorded and you can re-watch as many times as you like.

During each session you can ask me questions as I work, and I will answer, show you what I am doing and clarify any issues or re-show you the steps. 

Each week I will edit a different type of image: dream shoot, portrait, studio, beauty, high-end retouch, painterly look, high key: older woman, children, dancers, compositing, creative effects, colour grading.

Take your photography from good to great with new photoshop skills, to use yourself or train your in-house retoucher.