Tatiana, business owner and entrepreneur from Bergamo, Italy

Tatiana, business owner and entrepreneur from Bergamo, Italy



Firstly, why call it an "investment", and not "price"?

The answer is simple. Because in five, ten, twenty or 100 years from now, your portraits will be priceless. I know from first hand. In 2004 I paid £1500 for a huge framed wall print of my son and me, then aged 6. If the studio I purchased it from came back to me today and offered me 100 times what I paid for it, I would not give it to them. It is still on my wall, utterly timeless, and I look at it and enjoy it every single day. One day I hope it will hang in my son's home for his family and children to enjoy, and then in his own children's home.

Your archival fine art prints, certified for 300 years, are works of art that will outlive both of us.

How do you want to be remembered? 

Your shoot

Your entire portrait experience is customised to you. Together, you and I will plan the look, feel, styling and experience you want to have. Your products will also be custom made for you, so you choose how much you want to spend.

A shoot with me in my studio is €750, which includes €500 credit towards the purchase of printed products - be it a portfolio frame box of matted archival fine art prints or custom made wall art, measured and created for your home. That fee also includes a pre-consultation, the shoot day itself and makeover, the editing and preparation of your prints for viewing, and your viewing & ordering appointment.

This fee is non-refundable, non-redeemable for cash and a €250 deposit is required on booking.

Contact me today for more information about my fine art products for your portraits.